Friday Favorites, Not at EYF Edition

Hi friends, and happy Friday!

Clockwise, from top left: Angostura, Image [c] Baby Cocktails 2017; Faithmead Wensleydale, Image from the Woolly Thistle; Ceramic Needle Vase, Image from Twig & Horn; Spruce, Image [c] Kristin Perers
I don’t know about you, but my Instagram feed is currently full of Edinburgh Yarn Festival excitement at the moment.  And while I feel very lucky to be planning to go to EYF for the first time next year (yay!) … that’s a year away.  So I thought I’d do an extra long, fiber-only Friday Favorites today for those of us who can’t be living it in up in Scotland this weekend to click through and enjoy.

  • Since today’s theme is wishing I was at EYF, it seems appropriate to start the list off with the newly releasd Bousta Beanie, designed by this year’s patron of Shetland Wool Week, Gudrun Johnston.  The folks behind Shetland Wool Week have an annual patron who designs a lovely hat (previous years patrons and hats: Hazel Tindall’s stunning Shwook, Donna Smith’s wonderful Baa-ble Hat and Ella Gordon’s delightful Crofthoose Hat) and they announce the year’s patron and design at EYF each year. I love the simple geometric quality of this year’s hat (and love Gudrun’s patterns in general) — I’m definitely looking forward to knitting it!  You can get the hat pattern for free here.
  • I spied these lovely new bags from Kettle Yarn Company over on Instagram — they’re available at EYF this weekend if you’re lucky enough to be there and are going up in her shop sometime next week … that lobster!
  • There have been so many patterns released for EYF it’s hard to keep up, but one I particularly love is Spruce, an adult version of this popular baby sweater.  I love those colorwork trees!
  • Even though I don’t use straight needles, these gorgeous, ceramic needle vases have me swooning. I’m really into muted spring pastels at the moment … and I see no reason you couldn’t use it as a vase for regular flowers, lacking needles.  Or perhaps I should pick up one of the adorable mugs or pour overs (or one of each? if only ….)
  • The lovely US yarn shop Woolly Thistle is holding a not at EYF commiseration sale for thos of us left behind … there seem to be some really great deals.  This newly arrived yarn isn’t part of the sale (though it’s really reasonably priced), but wow, that natural Wensleydale wool …. Also not part of the sale, but at the top of my want to buy list: In the Footsteps of Sheep — how awesome does that book look?
  • And to round things out with a few more pattern releases: I love Thea Colman’s new sweater Angostura, knit out of Blacker Yarns Classic DK (which IS on sale at Woolly Thistle!).  I love the saddle shoulder, the simple front, and the surprsie of the back cabling … and I’ve wanted to knit wiht Blacker yarns for ages!
  • Last but not least: check out this new Melanie Berg shawl, another pattern that “premiered” at EYF … beautiful!

Let’s face it … no amount of link clicking is going to take the place of a glorious yarn festival, but I hope you enjoyed today’s little round up.  Thanks, as always, for stopping by and lending my ramblings an ear.  Hope wherever you are, you have a lovely weekend, filled with lots of knitting, planned!

xo K

Once Upon a Sock: March edition

Once Upon a Sock: March edition

It’s the first Thursday of the month, so¬†let’s talk socks — I’ve got sock knitting past, present, and future to share today!

First up, Mr. N’s Smooth Operators, which I finished mid-February, the night before I left California … so I was able to give them to Mr. N before I left.

2017-02-14 09.33.59.jpg

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Yarnalong: Spring planning

Yarnalong: Spring planning

Hi friends, and happy Wednesday!

Not much has changed on my needles (still working on my socks — more on that tomorrow) or my nightstand (still reading and enjoying¬†The Yorkshire Shepherdess¬†— but it’s almost done, so I need to decide what’s next!). ¬†But today is the first day of March, and boy does spring feel like it’s on its way, so I thought today we could chat a bit about planning spring projects!

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Friday Favorites

Happy Friday friends!

It’s been awhile since I’ve had a Friday Favorites round up, so here goes!


[1] Winter Whispers, Image (c) Loop London [2] AC Knitwear’s Year of Techniques, from @jenacknitwear on Instagram [3] Arrosa, Image (c) Nicole Mlakar [4] A Good Vintage Cardigan, Image (c)¬†Simply Crochet
With the weater being concerningly warm (forecast¬†for Philly today is a high of 70 F IN FEBRUARY!) my mind is starting to wander toward spring/summer knitting …

  • I love pretty much everything Bristol Ivy does, and this new lightweight pullover is no exception! I almost convinced myself it was a good idea to buy yarn for it, and then realized I had no idea when I’d actually knit it, sigh.
  • How sweet is this Winter Whispers (okay, I guess it’s not *that* spring-y) cardigan? I love the unusual yoke. I think I’d opt¬†to knit it in worsted or even DK wool, to get the drape without using an alpaca yarn, which often makes me itch …
  • And this cardigan makes me wish I actually knew how to crochet — those colors!
  • The new Pom Pom mag is out, and I’m in love with this shawl … it looks like it’d be some¬†simple tv knitting, with enough delicate details to keep things interesting.
  • And lastly, I’m getting so excited about Arnall-Culliford Knitwear’s new Year of Techniques. ¬†The first pattern comes out March 1, and I’m desperately trying to get my knitting life in order to figure out if I’ll be knitting along! (Here’s the first post explaining the project¬†on the AC Knitwear Blog, but there’s more info in subsequent blost posts, including a break down of techniques covered and designers involved – there’s a really great line up!)


[1] Cauliflower and chickpea curry, image from Whoefully [2] Hot and sour soup and [3] Scallion meatballs, both from Smitten Kitchen 
  • I made this¬†veggie curry for dinner last night on my mom’s suggestion (thanks, Mom!) and it was delicious! ¬†Simple to put together, super tasty, and left me feeling very healthy. ¬†I swapped out a diced potato for chickpeas, because I had one to use up, and threw in some carrots that wanted to be used as well. ¬†A great recipe for using up veg you have in the fridge, I think!
  • I revisted¬†this hot and sour soup¬†on Smitten Kitchen, which I’d made last winter and loved, then forgot about. ¬†It’s amazing¬†and so, so simple. ¬†If you like hot and sour soup, make this now! It’s not the same, of course, as what you’d get in a Chinese restaurant, but it’s packed full of flavor and is seriously easy. ¬†I wish I still had some in the fridge … maybe I will make it again this weekend!
  • And if, like me, you¬†make that soup and go the ground pork route, you’ll end up with half a pound of ground pork leftover in your fridge. You can do what I did and turn it into these awesome ginger soy meatballs. ¬†The original recipe calls for ground turkey, but I figured pork would be tasty too, and they were delicious. ¬†To fill it out a bit, I took the half package of tofu I had left over from my soup and diced it into very small cubes, and, after frying off the meatballs, fried the tofu in the same pan. ¬†I served a mix of the meatballs and tofu over rice with the sauce, and made some bok choy¬†to go along with it — delicious!

What’s caught your eye this week?

And if you’d like more Friday Favorites, find them all here!