Wool Exploration 1 :: North Ronaldsay

Hi friends!  Hope you’ve been enjoying a peaceful and restful holiday.  A few weeks ago, I mentioned I was hoping to take part in Knit British Wool Exploration, and today, I’m ready to talk about my first swatch (not a moment too soon as the deadline for reviews is tomorrow!)

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Unraveled Wednesday, November 8: What Next?

Hi readers, and happy Wednesday! How are your weeks going so far? Not much has changed on my needles since my last Unraveled post — I’m still knitting away on my Merry Melodia, as I like to think of it, and my Arctic Cardigan is getting so close to being done.  I’m a few rows shy of the sleeve cuffs being done, then it’s just pockets to be knit and finishing details. I can’t wait!

In fact, I’m so close to being done that I’m antsy to pick my next big sweater project. I’m having a bit of trouble deciding, so I thought I’d ask for your help!

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