Friday Favorites

Hi friends, and happy Friday!

When I was doing all my counting for my anniversary post, I realized that — quelle horreur! — there hasn’t been a single Friday Favorite to be had this month!

So let’s¬†sneak one in right under the¬†wire (just fiber today – I’ve been traveling too much to try new recipes!)

Clockwise from top left: [1] Let’s Get Crackin’ (c) Helene Zechner [2] Knitting Circle¬†Zippered Pouch by Anna Wright, Image from [3] Its a Gansey! (c) Amy Miller [4] Kim Dyes Yarn¬†Winter Walk Kit, Image from
  • I love this new cardigan by Laura Chau — the texture is so fun, and I really like the higher v-neck — not something you see every day!
  • Also,¬†have you see this new shawl? ¬†It has bobbles! There should be more bobbles in life, I think.
  • And because¬†texture is clearly on my mind, how about these sweet little gansey socks!
  • You’ve probably heard about Joji Locatelli’s Starting Point MKAL. ¬†I’m trying hard to resist — I have too many projects¬†and don’t think I¬†have enough solid sock yarn in the stash to join in with yarn I have — but man, indie dyers are making it hard! I’ve loved/been tortured by all the pictures of yarn sets popping up on Instagram. I’m a particular fan of¬†the two color sets¬†dreamed up by Kim Dyes Yarn.
  • And let’s round things out with a¬†couple of cute knitterly things: look at this adorable sheep pouch, with a design by Anna Wright, available from Ysolda, and I love, love, this sweater print from Tilly Flop Designs.

Past Friday Favorites can be found here!

What’s caught your eye this week?


Unraveled: Southwell and Brambling

Happy Wednesday friends!

It’s been awhile since¬†I’ve talked about what I’m actually working on, huh?

I’ve¬†divided for arms on my Southwell Cardi — woo hoo!

2017-04-25 09.57.06.jpg

My first ball of yarn is almost all knit up. ¬†I’m thinking when I finish it, I might go ahead and work the sleeves to get them out of the way – we’ll see!

And I’ve been enjoying knitting along on my Brambling Shawl, this month’s project for A Year of Techniques:

2017-04-25 09.55.47.jpg

This month’s technique is intarsia, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find that it’s gone swimmingly. ¬†The pattern¬†does require a certain degree of attention — that combined with the¬†multiple colors involved has¬†meant that I can¬†only work on this when I have¬†enough time to sit down and spread out. ¬†I probably won’t¬†finish this by the end of April, but no matter … I’m excited to wear this airy shawl (knit out of Quince and Co Piper) whenever it gets finished.

With not much knitting going on around here, you know I haven’t managed to read much either … I’m still chipping away at (and really enjoying)¬†The Underground Railroad – maybe I’ll have it finished by next week! ¬†Linking up with As Kat Knits Unraveled this week!

What are you working on?

Weekend in Memphis

Weekend in Memphis

Hi friends!!

First of all, thanks for all your responses and encouragement on that pile of¬†unfinished sweaters! Pulling those all out had me feeling a little discouraged, but chatting¬†about it with you all¬†got me excited to re-tackle some of those lovelies … but that’s going to have to wait just a bit as I’m in the middle of¬†a few weeks of lots of travel!

This weekend, Mr. N and I met up in Memphis to attend the wedding of some dear friends. ¬†It was¬†an exciting¬†weekend for lots of¬†reasons: our friends were getting married (of course!),¬†neither of us have ever been to Memphis, it was the first time we’d seen each other in over a month, AND it marked the end of our last extended period of separation — woo hoo!

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Spring Cleaning, Part II: (Some of) the Unfinished Objects

Spring Cleaning, Part II: (Some of) the Unfinished Objects

Over the weekend, one of the #yarnlovechallengeapril prompts was hibernating. ¬†For it, I took a deep breath and pulled out (most of) my hibernating sweaters. ¬†Nine in total. ¬†There are other unfinished objects lurking in my stash … even a few more sweaters … but these are the biggies. ¬†And since I’d already been planning a UFO installment in my spring cleaning posts, now seemed a good time to get on with it!

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Once Upon a Sock: April Edition

Once Upon a Sock: April Edition

Wow, it’s that time again …¬†first Thursday of the month,¬†the time that a little group of us — including Paula at Spin a Yarn, Stefanie at Wooly Cakes and Wooden Spoons, and Kat at Felinity Knits — blog about our sock knitting!

As I’ve mentioned a few times recently, my Viola socks are languishing a bit. I’ve been¬†trying to¬†figure out why that is. ¬†I¬†couldn’t wait to cast them on, I love the pattern, I love the yarn … but I’ve just completely stalled out on the gusset! ¬†I think part¬†of it I’ve been distracted by other things, like nearly finishing my Arrosa shawl and starting Southwell.

But I also think part of me needs to change things up. I’ve knit a fair few pair of plain jane socks (my Droving Socks excepted!) over the past six months,¬†and I think maybe it’s time for a little change of pace.

So instead of showing you yet another picture of my Viola socks in the same place (basically they’ve barely grown since this post), wanna help me with planning my next pair?

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