Yarnalong: Spring planning

Yarnalong: Spring planning

Hi friends, and happy Wednesday!

Not much has changed on my needles (still working on my socks — more on that tomorrow) or my nightstand (still reading and enjoying¬†The Yorkshire Shepherdess¬†— but it’s almost done, so I need to decide what’s next!). ¬†But today is the first day of March, and boy does spring feel like it’s on its way, so I thought today we could chat a bit about planning spring projects!

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Yarnalong: Knitting Workshop, Constellate, and Smooth Operators

2017-01-24 16.24.45.jpg

Knitting:¬†Well, this picture might look a little familiar. ¬†Sure, the socks are a little longer, and the hat brim is a bit further advanced than it was two weeks ago … it’s just, you know, been ripped out and reknit since! The important thing is, after letting it sit for a few days, I got my Constellate re-cast on,¬†and I’m¬†glad that¬†I went ahead and restarted it. ¬†The twisted rib is just so pretty … I would have been sad whenever I looked at my brim and knew that the rib * should * have been twisted. ¬†And, ahem, I’m almost back to the start of the hat’s patterning — I’d made it two repeats in before I ripped it all back last week! ¬†Mr. N’s Smooth Operators are growing (as is the yarn’s pooling!) It’s time to put the yarn in for the afterthought heel — I might even have them done for him before our February visit!

Reading: I still haven’t been reading (for pleasure, I should say! I do lots of reading for work), and I want to change that. ¬†I just need to make myself stop knitting a little earlier in the evening¬†and get in bed before before I’m too tired to read! ¬†But I had a knitting query yesterday¬†about which I knew Elizabeth Zimmerman would have something to say. ¬†So I pulled out my trusty copy of¬†Knitting Workshop. ¬†Sure enough, EZ had some instructions – slightly terse, but¬†encouraging me to be courageous and move boldly forward — on a question I had about¬†different yoke constructions. ¬†And it also meant I could read over the lovely inscription my mom wrote when she gave me the book — and wish we weren’t several states apart, but instead could be sat knitting together!

Hopefully, next week I’ll have some new knitting or reading to share. ¬†Til then, pop on over to the original Yarnalong post to see what¬†others are working on, and tell me what you’re up to in the comments if you’re so inclined!