Gather DTLA and other La La Land adventures

Gather DTLA and other La La Land adventures

Hi there friends, and happy Friday!

Phew, this week’s flown by — I can’t believe I’m just getting to tell you about my time in Los Angeles! It was a wonderful (almost) week, and we crammed in a lot — especially considering we had to carry on with work Thursday, Friday, and Monday as usual.

So, obviously, the most important part of the trip was visiting a new-to-me yarn shop! I’ve been working my way through the fiber spots that are scattered around LA. ¬†A few weeks before I arrived, Mr. N had, by chance, had an opportuntity to scout out one of the shops I’d been hoping to visit — Gather DTLA — and was very enthusiastic about it (“They have Quince yarn!” he reported, “and locally dyed yarn as well!” — clearly, he’s done a good job learning how to evaluate yarn shops.) ¬†Our original plan had been to do some hikng Saturday and visit downtown LA, and most importantly, the yarn shop, on Sunday, but bad weatehr Saturday morning conviced us to swap our weekend plans. ¬†And in the end, by the time we got downtown early Saturday afternoon, it had turned into a brilliant day.

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Desert Garden and a very old shawl

Desert Garden and a very old shawl

Hi friends, and happy Friday!

Mr. N and I have returned to Philadelphia, and as I write this, my phone tells me it’s 24 degrees F outside — and I’m telling you, it doesn’t feel that much warmer in here! ¬†All the things I love about my apartment … the high ceilings, the big old single pane glass windows, the old wood floors … don’t make for the best insulated place! ¬†But never mind, that’s what woolly sweaters and socks are for — and I do love winter weather!

But since my Instagram feed¬†seems to be filled with pictures of snow and discussions of¬†just how cold it is at the moment (at least from the people I follow in the Northern Hemipshere!), I thought it’d¬†be fun to share some pictures from a walk we took around the Huntington Gardens earlier this week, on¬†the evening before we left California — quite the opposite of a winter wonderland! ¬† Continue reading “Desert Garden and a very old shawl”

A Long October Weekend

Hello there!

How was your weekend (I know it’s Tuesday, but we can still talk about the weekend, right?)

There was a lot of excitement around these parts … Mr. N came for his first visit since I moved to Philadelphia, and it was his birthday! ¬†We had a lovely four day weekend … mostly unphotographed! ¬†But I thought I’d share a few highlights.

Mr. N arrived early Friday morning, so after breakfast¬†I introduced him to my new neighborhood. ¬†The nearby park, my favorite place to buy groceries, a board game shop … the important stuff. ¬†We couldn’t have asked for a prettier day.


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Saturday in South Bay

Saturday in South Bay

Saturday, Mr. N and I decided to put our newly bought car (!) to good use and head out for some exploring of this vast place that is Los Angeles.

Just as we we were¬†packed up and ready to go for a day out by the beach (sunscreen: check; Hermione Socks: check), Mr. N inquired: “don’t you want to check if any of your knitting shops are around where we’re going?” ¬†And I’ll tell you, readers, I felt pretty dang lucky. Not only does Mr. N¬†go along without complaint¬†to yarn shops and stay as long as I’d like, he¬†actively seeks out opportunities for me to buy yarn!

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Until next time, New Zealand

The bags are packed, the Shire Socks are done and given to Mr. N’s dad (!) and somehow, it’s time for us to go. I can hardly believe nearly two months have passed. I’m sad to leave – we’ve had such a lovely time with Mr. N’s family,the menagerie, and our friends here. But there’s lots to look forward to … being back in Baltimore for a week and seeing everyone we’ve missed, then getting Mr. N moved into his LA apartment and spending a month there in a brand new to me place. 

They’re done , just in the nick of time!
So long Kapiti Coast, so long New Zealand. Thank you for a very special visit. We’ll hopefully be back very, very soon!

Auckland City Break

Auckland City Break

Monday afternoon, Mr. N and I¬†hopped on the hour-long flight to Auckland to sort out his visa to come back to the US ¬†and have a bit of a mini holiday. ¬†I’d never been in Auckland, outside the airport,¬†so it was nice to have a small visit¬†to¬†the biggest city in New Zealand, especially as we squeezed in visits to two yarn shops in as many days!

2016-07-18 16.41.29.jpg

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Paekakariki Escarpment and Nut Hap Progress

Paekakariki Escarpment and Nut Hap Progress

It’s hard to believe that I only have a week left in beautiful New Zealand! ¬†This weekend, we did a walk that we’ve been hoping to do since we first arrived. ¬†The Paekakariki Escarpment is a 10K trail that¬†runs between Pukerua Bay and Paekak, a part of the longer Te Araroa trail system that stretch along the country. ¬†We had a gorgeous day Saturday, sunny with barely a cloud in the sky — a perfect day for a walk. Continue reading “Paekakariki Escarpment and Nut Hap Progress”