Once Upon a Sock: March edition

Once Upon a Sock: March edition

It’s the first Thursday of the month, so¬†let’s talk socks — I’ve got sock knitting past, present, and future to share today!

First up, Mr. N’s Smooth Operators, which I finished mid-February, the night before I left California … so I was able to give them to Mr. N before I left.

2017-02-14 09.33.59.jpg

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Thursday Sockalong: Smooth Operators!

It’s Thursday??? ¬†How did that happen!

I had a lovely weekend at my parents’, then came back to Philadelphia to¬†a half unpacked apartment and the start of a new academic year at a new institution. ¬†So the last few days have been hectic. ¬† But this afternoon, I cleared off a corner of my increasingly buried kitchen table,¬†made a pot of tea, knit a few rows of my new socks (Susan B. Anderson’s Smooth Operators),¬†and snapped a picture:

2016-09-08 15.34.59.jpg
Smooth Operator Socks in Trailing Clould BFL Sock “Mind the Gap”

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Thursday Sockalong: Hermione Socks, At Last

Happy Thursday friends!

It’s been quiet around these parts of late. ¬†I’ve been in Philadelphia, sorting¬†through boxes, wading through seas of yarn and trying to get my new apartment in order — aided by a very dear friend from Baltimore who helped me get it all done! ¬†I’ve been without internet in the¬†place, so hopping on here has been hard!

After two days of¬†unpacking, though, the place is starting to look like my own … and I’ve¬†decamped to my parents’ house in Virginia¬†for Labor Day weekend — yay!

But enough about me … Thursday’s all about the socks! ¬†And I have a finished pair to show … my Hermione’s Everyday Socks are done, done, done!

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Thursday Sockalong: Hermione Heel and a Walk in the Park

Thursday Sockalong: Hermione Heel and a Walk in the Park

It’s Thursday and, friends, I have some sock progress to share!

I was all ready to write another post where I told you all about how I wasn’t making progress on my socks. ¬†I was planning to cast on Asagi last night. ¬†But yesterday was … a day. ¬†And by the time I sat down with a little time to knit, I didn’t have the mental or physical energy to cast on for a new project. ¬†So I pulled out my Hermione sock and had some therapeutic knitting time.

2016-08-11 08.03.35.jpg
1.5 socks! 

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