Once Upon a Sock: March edition

Once Upon a Sock: March edition

It’s the first Thursday of the month, so¬†let’s talk socks — I’ve got sock knitting past, present, and future to share today!

First up, Mr. N’s Smooth Operators, which I finished mid-February, the night before I left California … so I was able to give them to Mr. N before I left.

2017-02-14 09.33.59.jpg

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Once Upon a Sock: Smooth Operators

Hi friends, and happy Thursday!

As you can see, Thursday sock time¬†is back, under a slightly different guise. ¬†After some chatting¬†amongst the group of us who blog about¬†socks on Thursday, we’ve decided to move¬†sock talk to a once a month format. ¬†So stop by the first Thursday of every month for some¬†gabbing about socks!

My Tube Operators, as I’ve taken to calling them, are coming along, slowly but surely. I’ve inserted the waste yarn for my afterthought heel (the lavender strip between the pink and green stripes closest to my needle)¬†and have been working on them here and there.

2016-10-05 08.08.07.jpg
Not much to see here …¬†two striped tubes become …¬†two longer striped tubes!

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