Thursday Sock-a-long: Afterthought Heels

Thursday Sock-a-long: Afterthought Heels

Hi friends, and happy Thursday from Kapiti Coast! My Marigoldjen Socks are just a smidge (and by smidge, I mean one row of kitchener stitch) away from being done. ¬†Over the weekend,¬†I put afterthought heels in them and took some pictures of the process, which I thought I’d share with you. ¬†This is by no mean a full tutorial, but it’ll give you some sense of how easy they are to work if you’re thinking about trying them¬†out!

The last few pairs of socks I’ve knit, I’ve done afterthought heels. ¬†I started doing them because I wanted to knit socks two at a time, and I thought it’d be easier to not have to worry about how to work two¬†heels at the same time.¬† I think they’re great for a couple of reasons:

  • Versatility: you work them the same way regardless of whether your sock has been knit toe-up or top-down.
  • Portability: afterthought heels are great if you’re¬†knitting your socks on the go, because you just knit a tube with a toe, and insert the heel after the fact!
  • Ease: there’s no picking up gusset stitches! (or turning of heels, or short rows, or, did I mention¬†you don’t have to pick up gusset stitches!)¬† You just decrease stitches in the exact same way you do for the toe of a top-down sock.
  • Aesthetics: If you’re working in a self-striping or other self-patterning yarn, your heel won’t interrupt the yarn sequencing on the front of foot.
  • Wear: if you¬†tend to wear holes in your heels, afterthought heels are suuuuper easy to replace.

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Cake, cocktails, and other long weekend adventures

Cake, cocktails, and other long weekend adventures

We’ve had a friend over from the UK for the last two weeks, and it’s been such a fun time! ¬†It’s so nice to have longer visits with faraway friends. ¬†It’s also given us a chance to¬†cook, bake and mix some extra yummy things and do some¬†sight seeing that we might have otherwise missed. Continue reading “Cake, cocktails, and other long weekend adventures”

Maryland Sheep and Wool!

Maryland Sheep and Wool!

I remember when I first heard about Maryland Sheep and Wool, almost ten years ago. I was studying abroad in London and joined a knitting group in the hopes of meeting locals — unbeknownst to me, the group was comprised almost entirely of American ex-pats! ¬†They had all been in the UK for decades but tried to return to the US annually for Sheep and Wool. ¬†When I moved to Maryland to start graduate school, I was so excited that I would be¬†so close to the¬†fabled festival!

This year was my fourth visit to MDS&W, and it did not disappoint. ¬†Early¬†Sunday morning, a carload of us (including a friend from the UK who planned her first trip to the US to coincide with the festival!) headed out to West Friendship. ¬†We got there just after it opened and spent the whole morning and early afternoon exploring — I usually go around midday, and it was so nice to get there a bit earlier! ¬†I always forgot just how crowded the festival can get.


Despite my repeated claims¬†to my friends that I never buy much at MDS&W ¬†(In past years, I’ve been so overwhelmed by the sheer amount of wool that I’ve often come away with very little, which is a testament to the size of the festival as I typically have¬†no trouble buying yarn!), this year, I came away with a nice haul. ¬†Some of my purchases were planned, like this Green Mountain Spinnery Cotton Comfort yarn for a Morning Mist¬†top. ¬†Three out of four of us got yarn for this project, and I got some for my mom as well — I was really missing her at the festival, especially as it was Mother’s Day! ¬†In a last minute decision, I went for the colors in the pattern sample. ¬†My mom went for a¬†gorgeous, golden yellow called Yarrow.

I’d planned to get a more vibrant color, but couldn’t resist this gray!
The happiest yellow!

One thing I love about going to the festival year after year is getting to visit the same vendors — I’m especially appreciative that many stay in roughly the same spot¬†each year! ¬†After seeing the lovely ladies in the Green Mountain Spinnery booth, I made a beeline for Marigoldjen‘s tent, which usually sits near the back edge of the festival. ¬†I picked up this gorgeous skein of her BFL superwash sock yarn in Lazy Days, along with a¬†coordinating mini skein. ¬†I’ll use some of the yarn for socks, but with 655 yards in the¬†skein, I’ll have enough left over for another small project.

I can’t wait to cast on with these beauties!

After my visit to Marigoldjen, I stumbled into the Ross Farm tent, and I’m so glad I did. ¬†They had an absolutely beautiful array of wool. ¬†I got myself a lovely skein of sport to try out, maybe for a Newhaven hat. ¬†I love that they are an operation breeding rare and heritage sheep breeds, just up the road for me.

2016-05-10 16.49.36.jpg
Henrietta 2.0

Because all the yarn can be a bit overwhelming, I came armed with a list of some projects out of different weights of yarn and the required yardage — I had planned to get sock yarn if any struck my fancy, and I had Newhaven on my list for any stray skeins of sport that I found.¬† But my last purchase was completely unplanned! ¬†I stopped by Jill Draper Makes Stuff‘s¬†booth, and she had a gorgeous sample Asagi knit up in her Esopus yarn. ¬†I tried it on and loved the fit — and found out it only took two skeins. ¬†So I impulse bought two in this lovely mustard colorway:

2016-05-10 16.49.53.jpg

I meant to take loads more pictures of the festival than I actually did, but snapped a few of some of the adorable lambs and sheep.  I love getting to see all the different breeds!

Isn’t she majestic?
A sleepy day old lamb, rejected by it’s mother.
The friendliest sheep!

With our¬†friend over from the UK, it’s been a very fun (and busy!) week and a half of sight seeing in the mid-Atlantic. I’ve managed a bit of knitting while we’ve been on the road that I’m excited to share with you soon. ¬†And¬†I finished my May Cardigan¬†just in time for the festival (more on that¬†later this week). ¬†Until then, below are a few¬†of my favorite pictures of this past week’s adventures!

2016-05-07 14.20.41.jpg
Havre de Grace, Maryland
2016-05-04 19.26.09.jpg
The Orioles lost big when we went to see them last Wednesday, but I love knitting at baseball games!
We did a long yomp at Gettysburg Monday.


2016-05-09 14.45.03.jpg
View from the Pennsylvania Monument

And I’ll leave you with this gal!

We ended our walk by a field with some very inquisitive horses.

Happy Tuesday!