Kingfisher Hap, At Last!

Kingfisher Hap, At Last!

Well, this post has been a long time in the making — my Kingfisher Hap is¬†at last¬†finished, blocked, dried, and photographed!

If you’ve been following along here for a bit, you might have spotted the Kingfisher Hap ¬†when it made an appearance or two (or, er,¬†three) in Yarnalong posts this fall.

If you’ve been around for longer still, you might remember when¬†I started¬†my hap this past summer.

Though sometimes I get frustrated with myself when I take ages to finish a project, the¬†bright side, I suppose, of a long term knit is that when you do finally complete it, it’s wrapped up with all sorts of memories — and that’s definitely true of this hap. ¬†It’ll always be a very special knit to me because of their circumstances surrounding the starting and making of it.

nut hap collage.jpg
Hap in progress, July-October!

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Rain, rain, go away

Rain, rain, go away

2016-06-23 11.14.35.jpg

It’s our second day of solid rain here on Kapiti Coast. ¬†But I can’t complain too much. ¬†It’s easier to spend the days inside working¬†when it’s dreary out. ¬†And I get to wear my Baffies around the house!

I made these back in October. ¬†They were the only project I managed to complete (or even cast on, for that matter!) from Kate Davies Seven Skeins Club, which culminated in the wonderful Buachaille book. ¬†Not because I didn’t want to make the rest, but other projects got in the way. ¬†Hopefully this fall, I’ll make more of the projects from the book. ¬†The Buachaille yarn is a joy to knit with — gorgeous colors, sproingy and sheepy, but not too coarse to wear next to the skin — a very special yarn indeed.¬†(There’s even a song about it!)

Wherever you are, I hope your week’s going well. ¬†Clear skies are¬†in the forecast for tomorrow. ¬†The rain’s not so bad, but I’m looking forward to the return of beach combing and blue skies.

2016-06-20 08.38.42-1.jpg


2016-06-20 08.38.17
Monday morning, you could see Kapiti Island so clearly from the beach!

Happy Thursday!