Friday Favorites

Hi friends, and happy Friday! I have a small bunch of fibery Friday Favorites for you today.

Clockwise from top left: (1) Lexi the Peerie Mouse, Image [C] KnittingJoy (2) Talmadge Cloche, Image [C] Jesse Wild (3) Scrumptiouspurl Wool & Honey, Image from Wool & Honey (4) Avion, Image [C] Katrin Schneider 
  • Joy’s delightful Lexi the Peerie Mouse. ¬†As some of you know, I’ve been (very slowly) working on Alex the Mouse,¬†May’s¬†A Year of Techniques¬†project. ¬†I’ve loved AYoT so far — not just for the amazing patterns, but for the camaraderie and inspiration of the monthly knitalongs. ¬†Joy’s skillful adaptation of the Alex the Mouse pattern is so cute and lovely — I¬†don’t think I’ll ever get tired of looking at it. ¬†You can see lots more adorable pictures and read the details of Joy’s adaptation on her Ravelry¬†project page, linked above. ¬†Joy is KnittingJoy on Ravelry and joyous360 on Instagram — she’s a beautiful knitter with a wonderful color sense — definitely check out some of her other projects as well!
  • And while we’re on the subject of AYoT, I’m absolutely in love with June’s project, the Talmadge Cloche by Romi Hill. ¬†I’m excited for a bit of lace knitting, and I love that the hat has a very vintage feel while being totally wearable. ¬†I’m casting on this weekend, despite having¬†too many WIPs on the needles already.
  • This¬†new sweater, designed by Katrin Schneider (I particularly like this test knit version). ¬†What a great wardrobe staple it would make!
  • I’m a big admirer of Scrumptiouspurl’s self striping yarn (I don’t have any myself, but I love her¬†Instagram feed), and I love this new color, exclusive to Wool and Honey. ¬†I’m very tempted …. except for the fact that I really have no business getting new sock yarn!

That’s it for today — thanks as always for stopping by. ¬†And I’d love to hear what’s caught your eye this week!!

A Trip to the Loom Room

A Trip to the Loom Room

For months, Mr. N’s mum, Naomi, has been telling me about¬†a good friend of hers here, Prue Oxley, and the gorgeous weaving she does. ¬†Now, I know absolutely nothing about how you weave, but I love seeing and admiring the finished project.

So you can imagine my excitement when I heard that Prue had invited us around for lunch so I could see some of her work and the¬†new weaving room she’d recently had put on her house. Continue reading “A Trip to the Loom Room”