Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  Here are some of my favorite knitting and cooking-related things this week:


(1) Tavia, Image Copyright Pam Allen (2) Intro Trees, Image Copyright Juju Vail (3) Spotlight, Image Copyright Tin Can Knits
  • Spotlight Sweater. ¬†Tin Can Knits released a new book this week. ¬†It’s filled with great patterns, but I especially love the bold, graphic design of the Spotlight sweater. ¬†It’s going in my (very long) fall sweater queue … at this rate, I think it might have to wait until next year!
  • This little post on “the solace of hats.” ¬†Short and sweet,¬†but spot on: hats are my go to when I want to feel like I’ve accomplished¬†something. Reading it made me want to pick up my neglected Tom and Jerry Hat or cast on for Newhaven. ¬†Or stash dive (not buy yarn, not buy yarn, even though I reallllly want to try the yarn the pattern suggests) for this hat, which I’ve wanted to make since it first came out. ¬†But I recognize that, at this moment, with everything I have on the needles, another project — even a hat —¬†would be too much for me!
  • The perfect rug for knitters. ¬†I made the totally predictable IKEA trip when I first moved into my apartment and fell in love with this rug. ¬†It’s made of wool! ¬†It’s design is made up of little v’s that look like stockinette stitches! ¬†It has some of my favorite colors! ¬†Was a new area rug strictly necessary for the new apartment? No. ¬†But I caved and got it. ¬†If I were more organized than I am at the moment, I’d share a picture of mine in it’s new home. ¬† But for now, check it out on IKEA’s website and make sure to zoom in for those stockinette v’s.
  • This beautiful, tailored knitted skirt. ¬†Knitting a skirt has never been high on my list of priorities … but this, this skirt is really special. ¬†Wouldn’t it be a wonderful¬†wardrobe staple?



(1) Brenda’s Plum Cake, Image from Kate Davies Designs (2) Mel and Sue, Image from BBC (3) Moong Dal Khichdi, Image from Veg Recipes of India
  • This beautiful plum cake¬†from Kate Davies’ website. ¬†I’m hoping to stock up on plums at tomorrow’s farmer’s market and make it this weekend. ¬†Just because it looks delicious.
  • This quick and simple dal recipe. ¬†I made this for dinner last night on Mr. N’s suggestion, and I was pretty¬†skeptical. ¬†And then it was amazingly delicious. ¬†It was super fast, even though I skipped the soaking step. ¬†For the green chile, I used a jalapeno as that’s what I had on hand, and I omitted the hing as I didn’t have any. ¬†I cooked the whole thing in a covered¬†saucepan (again, out of necessity: I don’t¬†have a pressure cooker)¬†with about 4.5 cups of water at a vigorous boil, and just checked it every now and then to see if the rice and lentils were soft — I think it took somewhere in the ballpark of 20 minutes, maybe a bit more. ¬†Topped with some plain yogurt mixed with salt and lemon juice, this was a tasty, super fast, one pot dinner, that’s equally good as leftovers, as I found today when I had it for lunch!
  • This article on the Great British Bake Off. ¬†I’ve loved the show since I saw it three seasons ago when I was in the UK for research. ¬†I was gutted (as they so frequently say on the show)¬†when I heard that it was moving off the BBC and that Mel and Sue would not be going with the show. ¬†This article at least brought me a few giggles … small comfort though, when I think that the GBBO will never be the same! (If you want more Bake Off-related reading, this is also a great piece about why Mel and Sue are so important to the show — and confirms what I’ve long suspected .. they are really decent people!)

Well, that about does it for¬†me this week! ¬†As always, I’d love to hear¬†what knitting and food-related fodder has you excited as you head into the weekend. ¬†If¬†you want more Friday Favorites, you can find¬†previous ones¬†here. ¬†Have a great weekend!