Cross Country Road Trip, Day 2

After a late start yesterday, we arrived in St. George, Utah late last night, having made a very brief stop in Vegas (where we had donuts and a coffee — very Saturday in Vegas, I think!) ย Today, we drove to the Grand Canyon’s Northern Rim.

I’ve never been to Utah or Arizona, ย and really, the beauty here beggars description. ย We had a beautiful drive as the red rocks of southern Utah were replaced with pines and meadows of northern Arizona until we reached the Canyon. ย Find Your Fade has been the perfect car knitting as it doesn’t prevent me looking out the window!

I sneaked a few rows in at the Canyon …

2017-07-30 15.54.32.jpg

2017-07-30 16.07.56.jpg

Then a storm rolled in …

2017-07-30 16.35.46.jpg

And we retreated to the big lodge, where we had a beer (and I knit some more)

2017-07-30 16.31.48.jpg

Tonight, we’re back in St. George … tomorrow we make for Colorado!






11 thoughts on “Cross Country Road Trip, Day 2

    1. Thanks Laura! I promise I wasn’t that close to the edge. I’m scared of heights too .. I think it’s just the camera angle. (Even in the picture where I am sitting down, I was super careful and on a rock that’s on a much longer rock – not on the canyon’s edge!


  1. I really love the photos. I didn’t knit when I went to the Canyon a few years ago but I had on some hand knits. LOL It really is such a beautiful and breathtaking site. I’d also like to go to Utah one day, I’ve done a lot of cross country travel but Utah has never made it on my list.

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